5 Living Things We Are Glad Went Extinct

Ever wondered if those creatures of science fiction ever existed? Some of them actually did and today we’re looking at five of them that we’re glad went extinct!

Source: slothsanctuary.com

1. Megatherium AKA the Giant Sloth

The size of an elephant, megatherium lived during the late Pliocene era.

Giant Dragonfly
Source: Listverse.com

2. Giant Dragonfly

A wingspan of 2 feet and a total body length of 17 inches, the giant dragonfly thrived on high levels of oxygen millions of years ago.

Source: Listverse.com

3. The Giant Sea Scorpion

The giant sea scorpion could reach some eight feet long and lived until the Permian extinction 250 million years ago.

Giant Land Scorpion
Source: Listverse.com

4. Giant Land Scorpion

The giant land scorpion is thought to have reached up to two feet in length and lived during the Devonian period 400 million years ago.

Source: Listverse.com

5. Cameroceras

The Paleozoic era Cameroceras was a giant marine predator and was some 30 feet in length!

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