The Arrival Of Netflix User Profiles!

If, like most people, you have jumped on to the Netflix bandwagon (I made the leap a long time ago myself when I got tired of paying $70 a month for cable access,) then you are going to breathe a sigh of relief with this announcement. Netflix has finally instituted user profiles!


The new user profile system allows for multiple watchers in the same household to have their own viewer profile so that recommendations made for your viewing are based on YOUR watching habits. That means that even if you share a Netflix account with your roommate, your recommendations are not going to be based on their past viewing habits.

Each Netflix account is capable of holding five user profiles and each profile user can hook their profile up to their Facebook account if they so desire. This capability allows you to see what your friends are watching on Netflix and get viewing recommendations based on that.

How can user profiles be of use to you if you’re living alone? Set each profile up as a channel so your viewing habits can better suit your mood or the time of day.

Netflix states that they will be rolling this profile ability out over the next few days so expect a few quirks as this takes place.

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