6 Animals that Make Really BAD Pets

More often than they should, people make news headlines for having made really idiotic choices for pets. We think it’s pretty obvious that certain animals don’t make good pets…but what do we know.

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1.Tigers, because at no point does an 11 foot, 700lb animal belong inside your home no matter where you live.

2. Lions, although not as heavy as the tiger, a 550lb animal STILL does not belong inside your home.

3. Chimpanzees. They may be similar to us in a number of ways but they have an incredible set of canine teeth that won’t let you forget that this primate belongs in the jungle.

4. Poisonous Snakes. Come to think of it, poisonous anything is just a really, really bad idea! Poisonous snakes bite and inject *gasp* poison.

5. Bears. Whoever thought that a bear would make a good pet choice…really…there are no words for that kind of stupidity.

6. Crocodiles are surprisingly prevalent pets in Florida but all of those meat eating teeth would suggest that these animals were not meant for collars and leashes.

The really amazing thing about these 6 animals have at one time – and probably still are, being kept as pets by average American people in average American homes all around the country…how well do you know your neighbors?

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