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Egg For Your Cat!


When it comes to cat toys things can be pretty simple but the new kickstarter project named the Egg is something a little different and a little more interactive!

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6 Animals that Make Really BAD Pets


More often than they should, people make news headlines for having made really idiotic choices for pets. We think it's pretty obvious that certain animals don't make good pets...but what do we know.

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Does a Cat Really Always Land on Its Feet?

When you walk around your house with your cat in your arms and she decides to have one of her random freak-outs, inevitably jumping out of your arms, your heart skips a few beats. What if she lands wrong? What if she injures her leg? What if she shatters her hip? What if she splinters her organs with bone fragments? ...

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Star Wars Costumes for Your Pets

We’ve had several posts about dogs wearing Star Wars costumes, but never have we had the chance to actually buy disguises for man’s best friend ourselves. ThinkGeek has just added a set of Star Wars costumes, custom made for your furry companion. Some might say it’s cruel and unusual to dress your doggy up as Yoda, Princess Leia or Darth ...

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House Pets Review the iPad

And much like those of their human counterparts, the reviews are mixed. Chloe the Corgi displays curiosity at first, but then quickly dissolves into aggression and anger. Iggy the kitty, on the other hand, seems to enjoy running her paws along the touch screen. So, really, I guess it just all depends on how you use it. Check out the ...

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Oversized Tongue Dog Toy Channels Gene Simmons

If you’re more into�embarrassing�your dog then offering it the chance at a dignified existence, such as with the Mustache Toy, the Humunga Tongue oversized dog toy is perfect for teaching your dog some humility. A ball toy attached to the super long non-toxic rubber tongue allows for pet owners to point and giggle at their dog as the poor little ...

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