3 Incredibly Disgusting and Weird Parasites

Have you ever seen a parasite up close and personal before? Well hang on to your stomach contents because you’re about to see 3 incredibly disgusting and weird parasites!

Guinea Worms

Souce: Dose of Tenacity Wears Down an Ancient Honor

1. Guinea Worms

Contracted by drinking contaminated water, Guinea worms get in to the intestinal tract where they mate. Male worms die off after mating and females lay their eggs after around 12 months. Female worms move in to the lower extremities to lay their eggs, they burrow through the skin to do so resulting in a lesion. The only tried and true method of ridding oneself of these worms? Have the local doctor remove it inch by inch by winding it slowly around a stick.


Source: electroherbalism.com

2. The Botfly

Botflies lay their eggs on human hosts which hatch upon contact with body heat. Larvae can then burrow in to the body until they reach pupae stage and leave the host’s body.


Source: electroherbalism.com

3. Ascaris worms infect the body when their eggs are accidentally consumed. Once the eggs reach the stomach, young worms hatch and move through the lungs to the throat where they get swallowed. The worms then move in to the intestines where they grow to full size and lay eggs.

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