Netflix Profiles Windows Media Center Glitch

Remember last week when we shared with you the really awesome fact that Netflix would now be offering profiles to usersĀ  to simplify multi-user accounts? Well it turns out there’s a little bit of a glitch for Windows Media Center users…well not so much of a glitch as a complete fail…

Windows Media Center

Recent developments revealed that Netflix user profiles will not work through the Windows Media Center Plugin. Using the Redmond’s app to access Netflix users are given the option to select their user profile, however, once they choose their profile they are rewarded with a big fat error. How can app users avoid this error? They can’t at this point in time. The only solution is to avoid using the new profile feature all together and cute accounts down to only the main user profile.

Certainly it is a new feature for Netflix users and there could be a fix on the horizon but as of right now, WMC users are going to have to live with their disappointment.


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