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$6.85 Million Raised By Deliv For Same Day Delivery Services


We are a culture of impatience so it is really no wonder that a same day delivery start up like the Palo Alto firm Deliv, has managed to raise $6.85 million. Deliv joins the ranks of many other same day delivery start up companies including Zipments and PostMates designed to increase the speed with which deliveries are made.

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Paying Respects To Ray Dolby 1933 – 2013

Ray Dolby

If you are a serious audiophile then the chances are that you already know who Ray Dolby is. If not, you probably do recognize his surname and you would be correct in making that connection. Today we tip our hats to the recently passed Ray Dolby, father of the Dolby noise reduction system.

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Save With Movie Bundles On iTunes!

iTunes Movie Bundles

There was news earlier today that iTunes was having a fire sale on movie bundles that put the entire Harry Potter movie collection at just $10. As it turns out, this sale price was a mistake, but that isn't to say that there aren't some great movie bundle prices going on right now!

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Paypal Trials Mugshot Verification In The UK


Down at their headquarters in the UK, PayPal employees have decided that they need an easier way to pay for their purchases. Of course, being PayPal employees they want a method that utilizes PayPal. In an effort to promote easier purchasing, PayPal UK are pushing local Rochmond Upon Thames retailers to act as guinea pigs for their new PayPal based photo authentication system. The system works in participating businesses only and works utilizing photo identification.

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New Medication Packaging Could Save Lives!

Expired Medication Packaging

Designers Kanupriya Goel and Gautam Goel have put together a medication packaging that indicates to the user when the drug is no longer valid to take. The packaging utilizes a layer of ink that slowly seeps through the packaging material over time until it indicates when the medication can no longer be taken safely.

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