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What Is The New Google Company Calico About?


Google is continually extending the arms of its business in to various industries, but the new Google company, Calico is doing so in a novel way. Calico is a new Google company focused on the health care industry and is centering its focus on the aging process in general and the process of disease in geriatric communities.

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Another Reason Why We Love Elon Musk

Hologram Interfaces

As if the Hyperloop wasn't enough to give you a geek crush on Elon Musk, his desire to build the Iron Man hologram UI should be. Elon Musk may just be having a laugh on us but we're pretty excited nonetheless because...well, Elon Musk.

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The SwissPen 3D Printing Pen Makes Two

SwissPen 3D printing pen

3Doodler made news with their 3D printing pen technology but now they're facing a little competition with the SwissPen 3D. While the SwissPen 3D isn't on the market at the moment, they are already putting up some good competition for the 3Doodler.

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Samsung To Release Their Smartwatch Soon!

Samsung Smartwatch

If you are getting on to the smartwatch bandwagon and have an affinity for Samsung then good news is coming your way! There has been news about Samsung's trademarking and patenting a smartwatch but now news of a potential release date is looming!

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Watch More Lifelike TV With The Samsung KN55S9C

Samsung KN55S9C

Samsung's 55 inch curved OLED television is now available for a steal at $9,000. Sure, it's a lot but it's $6,000 less than TV fanatics were expecting. The new technology is said to make the TV viewing experience much more lifelike but for $9,000 we're thinking that going outside in to the real world is more affordable.

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MIT Develops A White Blood Cell Magnet

White Blood Cell Magnet

The image above is taken from a video of the white blood cell magnet in action. The magnet, developed by researchers at MIT separates the white blood cells from blood samples - a process that can have very significant implications in terms of the future of disease diagnosis.

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