The SwissPen 3D Printing Pen Makes Two

3Doodler made news with their 3D printing pen technology but now they’re facing a little competition with the SwissPen 3D.

SwissPen 3D printing pen

While the SwissPen 3D isn’t on the market at the moment, they are already putting up some good competition for the 3Doodler. While the two products are exceptionally similar, there are a few differences between the two. The SwissPen was designed and is assembled in Switzerland and the SwissPen is expected to ship as early as October – months before the anticipated February ship date of the 3Doodler. The SwissPen will retail for around $103 plus shipping where the 3Doodler will retail for $99.

Take a look at the SwissPen 3D in action.

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