Watch More Lifelike TV With The Samsung KN55S9C

Samsung’s 55 inch curved OLED television is now available for a steal at $9,000. Sure, it’s a lot but it’s $6,000 less than TV fanatics were expecting. The new technology is said to make the TV viewing experience much more lifelike but for $9,000 we’re thinking that going outside in to the real world is more affordable.

Samsung KN55S9C

The Samsung KN55S9C is developed out of the concept that a curved canvas allows for perfect TV viewing from any angle. This new release also features the multi-view feature that allows for two viewers to watch two programs at the same time – this could come in handy for some, but again, definitely not worth the $9,000 (we’d rather buy two TV’s.) Not everyone will be carrying the Samsung KN55S9C, but it is available at select retailers as of today.

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