Another Reason Why We Love Elon Musk

As if the Hyperloop wasn’t enough to give you a geek crush on Elon Musk, his desire to build the Iron Man hologram UI should be.

Hologram Interfaces

Elon Musk may just be having a laugh on us but we’re pretty excited nonetheless because…well, Elon Musk. According to a recent Tweet from Musk “We figured out how to design rocket parts just w hand movements through the air (seriously). Now need a high frame rate holograph generator.” This tweet was followed 17 minutes later with another: “Will post video next week of designing a rocket part with hand gestures & then immediately printing it in titanium.” Just whether this is actually true and how long something like this would take to be implemented IF it is true is up for debate but we still think it’s incredibly awesome!

Via Elon Musk

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