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Another Reason Why We Love Elon Musk

Hologram Interfaces

As if the Hyperloop wasn't enough to give you a geek crush on Elon Musk, his desire to build the Iron Man hologram UI should be. Elon Musk may just be having a laugh on us but we're pretty excited nonetheless because...well, Elon Musk.

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It’s Here: Tesla Model S Unveiled

Hope you fuckers have $50,000 sitting in your bank account because you’re going to need to make a withdrawal ASAP. The Tesla Model S is out and boy is she a beauty. Four doors of fury, all electric motor and a $49,000 base price. Did I mention Tesla is producing 20,000 units? This means you’ll be able to buy one ...

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Rocket Accident Scatters Human Remains Over The Pacific

It turns out that space funerals might not be such a great idea after all. Commercial spaceflight company SpaceX had their third failed launch in a row last night when the Falcon 1 rocket began spinning out of control less than two minutes after liftoff in the Marshall Islands. Aboard the doomed rocket were the ashes 208 people including Star ...

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