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Another Reason Why We Love Elon Musk

Hologram Interfaces

As if the Hyperloop wasn't enough to give you a geek crush on Elon Musk, his desire to build the Iron Man hologram UI should be. Elon Musk may just be having a laugh on us but we're pretty excited nonetheless because...well, Elon Musk.

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Music Video Made Using Chatroulette

These days, if you want to be a�successful�scene band, you’ve gotta have a dedicated online following. And it seems there is a new internet star on the rise. Meet I AM UN CHIEN !!, an alt metal band hellbent on creating a work of art using nothing but their musical chops and a little help from the random webcam social ...

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CNN: Chock Full O’ Holograms

50 seconds into the above video, you’ll see CNN’s Wolf Blitzer speak with Jessica Yellin. Only, Jessica isn’t in the studio. She’s “thousands of miles away” and appearing via a full-body hologram instead. Watch the full video for Jessica’s explanation. Apparently, over 35 high-def cameras are used inside a tent. Wild. Is the 21st century upon us? I’d like to ...

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Real 3-D For Your Viewing Pleasure

In yesteryear, we’d be playing Rad Racer with those chunky black glasses with the blue and red lenses thinking all along, “Wow this is real 3-D! The cars just jump out at me, man!” However, this is not the case. The company Holografika has created “HoloVizio” technology which provides multiple viewers with a three-dimensional display that changes as people shift ...

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