Music Video Made Using Chatroulette

These days, if you want to be a�successful�scene band, you’ve gotta have a dedicated online following. And it seems there is a new internet star on the rise. Meet I AM UN CHIEN !!, an alt metal band hellbent on creating a work of art using nothing but their musical chops and a little help from the random webcam social service Chatroulette.

The above music video for the song “HOLOGRAM” is completely penis-free (but if you really need to feed your penis fix, you can always check out the flying penis helicopter, one of our personal penis favorites) and contains clips from several live performances produced by the band through the Chatroulette service, including many�beleaguered, confused and rockin’ CR users.


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  1. pleasantly surprised at how good the tune is. nice find!

  2. yea great tune but at least the vocals were live (no mic’s) so prolly none of the other instruments were either. which is really lame. if u have such a good idea why not do it right u know?

  3. weren’t live sorry***

  4. I wish the guy humping his raccoon was in the video!!!

  5. i love chatrolette!and a great idea to make a music video with it!!

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