What The Hell Is This Hyperloop Thing?

For the past few weeks the term “hyperloop” has been thrown around by tech blogs and science fiction nerds everywhere. We could resist the temptation no longer so today we’re checking out this newfangled concept of the hyperloop.


The hyperloop is a concept that comes from Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla motors and founder of Space-X. The hyperloop is Musk’s latest concept that is set to revolutionize the idea of public transportation. The concept is just like that of bank drive through pods that shoot through tubing at a rapid speed to get from one place to another. Musk believes that the hyperloop will function to get individuals from one city to another (less than 900 miles away) in 30 minutes. The pods will be constructed of aluminum and will be thrust through steel tubes at speeds of 800 mph. Each pod would be placed 5 miles from the next to prevent pods from running in to each other. The new project is estimated to cost some $6 billion dollars and will certainly revolutionize transportation if it comes to fruition. On the other hand it could also severely impact the world’s population if the thing ever malfunctions!

Find out more about the hyperloop at Space-X

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