Why Dapper Vision’s OpenGlass Project Is Worth Watching!

For some people the Google Glass means the ability to take hands free pictures but for others, like Dapper Vision, Google Glass means opening up a whole new world for those with visual impairments.

Dapper Vision's OpenGlass project

Dapper Vision’s OpenGlass project is using the Google Glass technology to help those with visual impairments to interpret the world around them. The Dapper Vision team have set up their OpenGlass project to allow the sight impaired to ask both Mechanical Turk and Twitter to help them to identify objects. Memento will then recite notes for the user when they look at a scene it can recognize; thus allowing it to warn users about dangers around them. Currently the OpenGlass apps are only in limited testing. Dapper Vision is also working on a method to reward those who contribute answers to the system by offering them BitCoins. Dapper Vision will be demonstrating their new augmented reality software next week so stay tuned!

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