Building Your Own Bitmining Rig

Remember how earlier this week we were showing you what an award winning bitmining rig looks like? Well today we want to address a question that many of you have been wanting answered – how do I build my own bitmining rig?

Sapphire Radeon HD 7970

The thing with building a bitmining rig is that even if you know how to build a traditional PC from the ground up, you are still going to need a little more knowledge to create a successful rig.

Where a traditional PC is built with an emphasis on processing speed, the bitmining rig is a little different. When building a rig the focus should be on graphics cards (particularly AMD GPU’s) and cooling systems as opposed to the more traditional concerns of hard drive space and memory which are of less importance to the dedicated bitcoin mining rig.

The first step in building a bitcoin rig is determining just how much financial backing you have to build. If your finances are unlimited then more than likely you will want to build the most powerful machine possible. If this is the case then you are going to want to go straight to the pro’s with your bitmining questions. We suggest a resource like

If however, like most of us, you are financially limited in your options for building a bitcoin mining rig, this guide at will come in handy.

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