What An Award Winning Bit Mining Rig Looks Like

If you’re living under a rock and have no idea what bit mining rigs are then we suggest you just scroll down and look at the pretty pictures (or you could do a little reading watching because it’s actually a pretty interesting topic.) If, however, you know a little bit about bit mining or at the very least what a real computing rig should look like then we guarantee that you’ll get a kick out of this rig that won the Coinconnect.org bitcoin mining rig builders competition.

All images are property of James Gibson via Bitcointalk.org

Fans sit behind the shelving to help to maintain cool rigs.

Inside a cooled room inside a large warehouse AC is pumped in to keep the rigs cool.

These are the rigs that didn’t make it in to the cooled room so they sit in the warehouse where, according to James, they self regulate with cgminer to 75 degrees.

Just what does it take to keep the main room of this incredible rig cooled? Try 3 tons of AC…

How much does this bit mining operation cost in power each month? We’re pretty sure it’s more than we could begin to imagine but we’re glad that we’re not paying it!

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