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Pocahontas’ precursor?

Half a millennium before Columbus' calamitous 1492 arrival in the Caribbean, DNA from the Americas may have infiltrated the European genome by way of a woman brought to Iceland by Vikings. Like the semimythical Pocahantas, her impact may have been far-reaching.

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McDonald’s is Now Spraying Criminals with DNA

Right, but when I spray people with DNA in McDonald’s I get arrested. And they call that justice. McDonald’s and other Rotterdam businesses have begun the integration of a new type of criminal deterrent – DNA spray. Each location’s spray carries a unique DNA marker, which is squirted in the form of an undetectable mist, only visible under a UV ...

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Science Proves That Cellphones Don’t Cause Cancer

And neither do radios, TVs, power outlets or microwave ovens. Was the radiation emitted from cellphones ever a real threat to our health or was it yet just another example of media scare tactics? An article in Scientific American proves that cellphones not only don’t, but can’t cause cancer, despite what you might have heard. Cell phones cannot cause cancer, ...

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Forensic Pillows: Splatter, DNA and Prints, Oh My!

Any fan of crime drama shows would be hard pressed not to welcome these Forensic Pillows into their home with open zipper. Featuring a variety of designs inspired by the thrill of the police hunt, these pillows are a surefire way to both nauseate and amaze. I could totally see myself falling right to sleep on my couch with one ...

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Use Your DNA as Your iPhone Wallpaper

It’s been quite a while since DNA art was first introduced. These days, French company Helys not only lets you order prints of your DNA, but even offers to create a wallpaper for your iPhone featuring your own genetic image. Helys sends you a DNA test kit in the mail, including a mouth swab for gathering your tasty saliva genes. ...

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