McDonald’s is Now Spraying Criminals with DNA

Right, but when I spray people with DNA in McDonald’s I get arrested. And they call that justice. McDonald’s and other Rotterdam businesses have begun the integration of a new type of criminal deterrent – DNA spray. Each location’s spray carries a unique DNA marker, which is squirted in the form of an undetectable mist, only visible under a UV light.

The DNA liquid is contained in an orange box, about the size of a paperback novel, attached to the top of the business’s exit. To activate the spray a staff member removes a 10 Euro note from a special location, which not only sprays the criminal with the invisible DNA solution, but notifies the police as well. While the police acknowledge that they have yet to capture an actual criminal using the DNA spray method, the liquid is viewed as more of a deterrent than a solution. The hope is that the DNA tagging system will scare criminals away, much like having a security alarm system sign sticking out of your lawn.

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