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McDonald’s is Now Spraying Criminals with DNA

Right, but when I spray people with DNA in McDonald’s I get arrested. And they call that justice. McDonald’s and other Rotterdam businesses have begun the integration of a new type of criminal deterrent – DNA spray. Each location’s spray carries a unique DNA marker, which is squirted in the form of an undetectable mist, only visible under a UV ...

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11 Completely Insincere Steps to Safeguarding Your Home Against Burglars

Some of these might actually work if you were ridiculous enough to pull it off, or if your would-be thieves were really, really stupid. For one, everyone knows a simple Dell sticker wouldn’t cover the MacBook’s Appleness because there is no way to cover up its halo or the omnipresent glow that surrounds your levitating body when you use one. ...

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Hot Wire That Whip, G

We’ve all misplaced our car keys at one point or another. The problem lies around two o’ clock in the morning when you’re shit-faced drunk, have no money for a cab and your keys fall into a sewage drain. No worries. Wired has the solution. It explains in detail all that is required to get your car up and running ...

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Iceberg Lettuce Safe Keeps Thieves Guessing

There’s no better way to hide your drugs or your money from burglars and Feds than the lettuce safe. No one would ever suspect the vegetable sitting so innocently at the bottom of your fridge to contain hidden treasures. Priced at a hundred dollars, this head of lettuce looks and feels like the real deal, except the bottom snaps off ...

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Storage in Stairs: The coolest thing since sliced bread

I can’t even begin to explain how much clutter fills my house at the moment. With the ever growing stream of gadgets I have flowing into my house, I’m simply running out of room to put shit. This ingenious design from Vogue Living Australia installs drawers into your stairs, allowing for a completely optimal use of space. We’re sick of ...

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