Storage in Stairs: The coolest thing since sliced bread


I can’t even begin to explain how much clutter fills my house at the moment. With the ever growing stream of gadgets I have flowing into my house, I’m simply running out of room to put shit. This ingenious design from Vogue Living Australia installs drawers into your stairs, allowing for a completely optimal use of space.

We’re sick of big and bulky dressers filling our limited living space. And not only that, but thieves would never think to look for drawers in the stairs if, God forbid, your house ever gets broken into. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. i have stairs that go up my bed with slide out draw cool to the max!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have also seen treads with a piano hinge about 1″ from the riser for a lid type unit. This is easier to do and considerably cheaper.

  3. That is really useful thing. GREAT

  4. William-
    The piano hinge idea is great, but if you are looking for hidden storage, the hinge/separation in the stair tread would be quite noticeable and would therefore be of little deterrant to thieves.

  5. Neat idea, but I only see death and destruction. If the drawer is left even a few inches open the next person to descend in the dark (or while distracted) will be asking for at least a broken ankle, etc. A piano-hinged step could be set to open up short of the vertical, causing it to close no matter what (except, of course, that sock hanging out of the box). Oh well.

  6. What would happen if you caught the edge of the tread as you were walking up the piano hinge arrangement? Could be quite painful

  7. incredibly creative and very useful…

  8. Ummm, what happened to just getting rid of things that you don’t use?

  9. i’m with jollean. lol.

  10. Where can u buy these drawers

  11. I love them and I want them. This is a great use of space and would have come in handy for my family when I was growing up. With 7 of us in a 3 bedroom house space was limited.

  12. very cool, this can be in so many places.

    I know everyone would agree that every home and business should have of of these if possible.

  13. Opening risers hinged at top edge would be the safest option.

  14. What a great idea, I wonder how long it would keep the Narcs busy:D I’m all about practical and functional. Good stuff.

  15. I love this.. wonder if hubby would do this for me.

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