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McDonald’s is Now Spraying Criminals with DNA

Right, but when I spray people with DNA in McDonald’s I get arrested. And they call that justice. McDonald’s and other Rotterdam businesses have begun the integration of a new type of criminal deterrent – DNA spray. Each location’s spray carries a unique DNA marker, which is squirted in the form of an undetectable mist, only visible under a UV ...

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JVC Mega Storage Everio Camcorder

I’m tired of my camcorder running out of room. If only there was a camera that was capable of storing over 50 gigs of my Benny Hill impersonations. What’s this? JVC announces two new cameras that have larger hard drives than my desktop PC. The JVC Everio GZ-MG840 and GZ-MG880, both capable of 720×480 wide format DVD-resolution video and a ...

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Sony’s High Quality Camera For Cellphones

Today, Sony announced its new breakthrough in cellphone cameras with a camera that’s as powerful, if not more, than my handheld Canon. It’s managed to shrink the size of the sensor down so much, that a 12.25-megapixel, 28mm equivalent CMOS camera can now fit within a cellphone. On top of image quality and detail comparable to most point and shoot ...

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The Last HOPE: Capture The Flag

PacketWars had its own project going on the expo floor. Complete with a referee who was ready to smack any hacker who steps out of the line with any shenanigans that violate the terms of service. It’s competitive network combat, no holds barred. Bring your own laptop, plug in and defend your territory. .

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No Keys Needed On This Glass Keyboard

This glass surface with the form of keys etched in it is the latest project from designer Kong Fanwen. Using a motion capture camera mounted at the top, it tracks your finger motion and translates it to the computer as if you were typing on any normal keyboard. The �No-key Keyboard� is the sleekest looking keyboard we’ve seen in awhile ...

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Motion-capture Suit Keeps Crotch Intact

Sex-deprived geeks everywhere will be turning their heads toward Kevin Alderman’s wireless, consumer-level motion-capture suit that should be hitting shelves in 2009. For those who don’t know Kevin, he is the creative genius behind the sexual emotes found in the “massively-multiplayer-online-game” known as Second Life. Kevin Alderman is in desperate need of some new sexual animations and needs the assistance ...

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