Forensic Pillows: Splatter, DNA and Prints, Oh My!

Any fan of crime drama shows would be hard pressed not to welcome these Forensic Pillows into their home with open zipper. Featuring a variety of designs inspired by the thrill of the police hunt, these pillows are a surefire way to both nauseate and amaze.

I could totally see myself falling right to sleep on my couch with one of these fluffy pieces of forensics, it would just take some getting used to. It’s not everyday that you cuddle up with some blood splatter, unless your name happens to be Dexter and your a part-time�serial�killer. Even if your style might suffer, and even though you might be broke after purchasing one of these made-to-order $374 pillows, your heart will thank you for embracing its�fascination�with morbidity. Great for an expensive and creative Valentine’s Day gift and an�absolutely�perfect companion for your Law and Order cards.

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