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Forensic Pillows: Splatter, DNA and Prints, Oh My!

Any fan of crime drama shows would be hard pressed not to welcome these Forensic Pillows into their home with open zipper. Featuring a variety of designs inspired by the thrill of the police hunt, these pillows are a surefire way to both nauseate and amaze. I could totally see myself falling right to sleep on my couch with one ...

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Tea, Crumpets and Blood

This reminds me of the calm serial killer, who after viciously murdering a family, sits down for a refreshing cup of tea. The Blood-Splattered Coffee Set is very Bates Motel-ish. While it seems like a must for those of you into the seedier side of horror, the price tag is steep. You’ll have to shell out $500 for this 15-piece ...

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