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Windows 8.1 Released To Manufacturers

Windows 8.1

We talked about how Microsoft plans their release of Windows 8.1 on October 18th but news has it that Microsoft has already released 8.1 to manufacturers. Well, for those of you who have been waiting for Windows 8.1, the time is drawing near!

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Set To Retire

Steve Ballmer

Today, Microsoft made the announcement that within the next year, Steve Ballmer (who has been with Microsoft since 1980, and has been CEO since 2000,) will retire. Ballmer is staying on board for the next twelve months so that a team of Microsoft representatives (including Bill Gates) can find an appropriate replacement for the position of CEO.

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Will September See The ASUS VivoBook X102BA?

ASUS VivoBook X102BA

Want a sneak peek at the newest Asus release purported to be revealed next month? Check out the ASUS VivoBook X102BA according to SweClockers. The ASUS VivoBook X102BA is supposed to be getting released next month, making it the newest addition to the ASUS laptop family.

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Crossbar Creates Resistive RAM

RRam Technology

The new RAM from Crossbar is not only half the physical size of NAND RAM, but it is also 20 times faster writing at around 140MB/s. Need more reasons to check out this new memory technology? It's less draining on power, using 20 times less power and lasts 10 times longer than NAND.

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MediaTek Has An Octa-Core Processor In The Works

octo-core processor

Sooooo you thought you were Mr. big shot with your hex-core processor eh? Well, prepare to be outdone because MediaTek has announced that they have an octa-core processor in the works. MediaTek has intrigued computer nerds everywhere with their announcement that they have a true octa-core processor in the works. The fine details of this processor remain a mystery and ...

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It’s Hard Being The Tech Savvy Friend

Website Builder

If you are the tech savvy friend in your circle of friends then you already know exactly what I'm talking about. As the "one with knowledge" you become the instant go to guy. Sure, other friends have this problem as real estate agents and doctors but people tend to break their computers and want tech advice far more often than they want to buy a new house or has a mysterious rash seen to.

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