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The woman in the moon

It's a lunar craterin this case, a rather striking one found in the Bay of Rainbow's in the moon's northern hemisphere. But as the blazon of Chinese characters indicates, there's something different about this image. The probe Chang'e 2named for the Chinese goddess who lives on the moon with her companion, the herbalist Jade Rabbitis scouting sites for a planned Chinese robotic moon landing in 2013. The budget for Chang'e 2 is reportedly a mere $134 million.

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The World’s Fastest Supercomputer Unveiled in China

Just for a moment, take into consideration that in the 1950s, it would have taken a supercomputer of this size just to power your cellphone. And that much computing power might have even been a stretch. Today at the Annual Meeting of National High Performance Computing (HPC China 2010) in Beijing, the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) in China ...

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The Wonder of Bootleg DVDs: Battlestar Galactica Edition

Fans of Battlestar Galactica who don’t live in China have really been missing out. Apparently there is a whole different series featuring a “Saw-like” ending, while still maintaining its ability to be a “good-hearted tween comedy.” But frankly, I trust “Jom Monaghis of the Geiroit Free Press” over the San Francisco Chronicle (?) any day. Not to mention that this ...

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UFO Video Recorded Over China’s Xiaoshan Airport

Some skeptics are claiming it’s a rocket, though I’ve never seen a rocket do what this thing does at 0:31. Also, I wasn’t aware that rockets were self-illuminated, all but advertising their presence. I WANT TO BELIEVE! Don’t rain on my parade haters. Aliens are real! And they are very, very interested in China’s development of commercial airliners! Yes, that’s ...

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Star Wars Porcelain China Plates: Only For Special Occasions

There are maybe two or three times a year that call for the special fine china. But those days call for something especially elegant and delicate – two traits us geeks aren’t known to posses. These Star WarsPorcelainchina plates allow us to both reflect our true nature and not feel all stuck-up and snobby in the process of trying to ...

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China Demands PC Censorship

Dell, HP, Apple and plenty of other computer manufacturers are flipping a shit today. Know why? It’s because China is nothing but a pro-censorship, communist country that shelters its people from truth. Starting next month, all computers going into the country will have to contain software that filters websites that China deems “unhealthy.” News, video and plenty of other websites ...

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