Star Wars Porcelain China Plates: Only For Special Occasions

There are maybe two or three times a year that call for the special fine china. But those days call for something especially elegant and delicate – two traits us geeks aren’t known to posses. These Star Wars�Porcelain�china plates allow us to both reflect our true nature and not feel all stuck-up and snobby in the process of trying to seem glamorous.

You might want to save these plates until the next reissue of the series. Knowing Lucasfilm, we should be getting a new release of the installments pretty soon. Star Wars on Blu-ray anyone? Our plates are eagerly awaiting.

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  1. Dear Andrew,

    Where on earth did you find these plates? I want to buy them immediately but when I Google them I keep coming back to your posting. Help me, Andrew Dobrow, you’re my only hope!


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