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Philip K. Dick’s Head Resurfaces

The head of the Philip K. Dick android, which went missing in 2006, has been rebuilt by Hanson Robotics. Who will help it come to grips with its strange and chequered past? Video after the jump.

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Unevenly Distributed: Why CES Is Hell

During next week's CES, you'll rarely hear a single word about why you should really care about the devices debuting there... but is that really so surprising when even the electronics makers at CES can't answer as simple a question as why their gadgets matter?

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LEGO Android App Lets You Control Your Mindstorm NXT Bots

Hands down, the most convenient way to build a robot in your own home is LEGO’s Mindstorm NXT set, which fuses robotics and LEGO bricks in a combination of geeky and nostalgic joy. LEGO just released MindDroid, an Android app which lets you remotely control your Mindstorm creations from your Android device. MindDroid uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to the ...

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