Behold a Visualization of Android Phone Activations

The Android operating system was released in October 2008 and, thanks in large part to the ingenious marketing campaign certain Android-powered devices had that first grabbed people’s attention, the operating system has been nothing short of a smashing success. That success has now been visualized in this video from the official Android Developers YouTube channel.

Keep an eye on the United States at about 0:31. That was the Motorola Droid’s official launch date.

It’s refreshing that one of those little dots was my Motorola Cliq… and another was my myTouch 3G Slide… and another was my Motorola Droid… I’m very hard on my phones.


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  1. Has anyone heard about the software application for Android that sounds an alarm if it gets stolen and turns on GPS and sounds random alerts? I think this software is totally cool, but what happens when the battery runs out?

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