LEGO Android App Lets You Control Your Mindstorm NXT Bots

Hands down, the most convenient way to build a robot in your own home is LEGO’s Mindstorm NXT set, which fuses robotics and LEGO bricks in a combination of geeky and nostalgic joy. LEGO just released MindDroid, an Android app which lets you remotely control your Mindstorm creations from your Android device.

MindDroid uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to the NXT control module built into your LEGO bot. Once connected, you can control your robot by using the phone’s built-in accelerometer, using the phone much like a steering wheel. The app currently works on Android 2.1 and above. And this is an Android exclusive for now. Sorry, iPhoners. But even cooler? You can scan the QR code above to be taken directly to the app page.

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