Swarovski Contact Lenses Scream Classiness

A new technology has emerged that’s bound to change the way we view trashy women forever. Designed for only the most aristocratic tramps around, the Swarovski contact lens is the most absurd invention of the 21st Century. Imagine a pair of contact lenses with tacky Swarovski crystals embedded in them. Seems like an invention right out of Long Island, right?

Wrong! These were actually designed by a woman in India and have been christened with the name of “Sparkle.”

And to think this shit won second place in some contest. What took first place? The Swarovski-studded lower-back tattoo?

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  1. Swarovski crystals are not tacky, they are some of the best and most well known crystals in the world. If you don”t like the contacts that’s fine, but don’t hate on Swarovski.

  2. Who looks at a pair of sparkly contact lenses and gets sooo angry they have to immediately jump on their computer and start slinging insults around, honestly.

  3. Actually, I think they’re really pretty. It’s not so flashy as some jewelry can be, I thought they were kind of a subdued decoration for special occations. Only the person talking with you would notice them.

  4. I’ve never seen someone so worked up about contact lenses before… Anger management problems much? Personally, I want to know if there’s anywhere I can get those, although they probably don’t make them for astigmatism. 🙁

  5. I love Swarovski. Wore a necklace and earings to my senior prom. They are almosta s pretty as diamonds. I have to say I am looking to get a pair of these. ^^ they would make my day.

  6. How do i get contacts like those… I like them also 🙂

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