Really Girly Swarovski M Player Is Really Girly, Surprisingly Not From Hello Kitty


I have to say, woman are interested in some of the tackiest gadgets of all time, most of which carry the Hello Kitty branding. The Mickey Mouse shaped M Player just got shoved down a notch in my book of classiness (which I keep handy at all times.)

With the “ears” decked in fruity Swarovski crystals, and brandishing a revolting pinkish purplish hue, the special edition M Player is also available in your choice of white, blue, silver, and black. But the pink flavor is just so much more interesting to stab at with prose of cruelty. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. As much as I hate pink, I hate rude people who have nothing better to do with their day ^^ and the crystals are beautiful. Pink, however, should never have been invented ^^

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