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Airbag Helmet Stuffed Inside of a Collar Made for High Fashion

The H�vding (Swedish for “chieftain”), is an airbag designed for cyclists with a taste in fashion that isn’t traditional amongst the biking community. Though we’re confident it works just fine with pimped out mobility scooters as well. Designed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, the H�vding collar contains gyroscopes and accelerometers which constantly monitor your movements, releasing the airbag hidden ...

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Duct Tape Tie

Duct tape, long considered to be a tool of the gods, is useful for more than just fixing anything in need of being fixed. Duct tape fashion is not necessarily a new thing. I remember seeing girls in high school who thought they were particularly unique and artsy walking around with duct tape purses. I’m not a particularly crafty man ...

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