Artificial Cornea Won’t Make You Geordi LaForge

I bet you’re wondering why Geordi LaForge was always so glum. If you’ve ever gotten a scratch on your cornea, you’d know how painful it can be. Thankfully, researchers at Stanford University have developed a new artificial cornea. I’m not talking about eyeball lamps either, these are real corneas for real eyeballs. Animal studies incorporating the cornea are showing promise, which could lead to the elimination of cornea transplants completely. It’s made up of two interwoven polymer gels, reminiscent of a contact lense. One layer provides durability while the other absorbs water, assisting the eye by keeping it nourished.

Because many people suffer loss of sight due to corneal disease, these new artificial corneas could be someone’s chance to get their vision back. As for Geordi, well, he doesn’t need new eyes. He’s got that kick ass VISOR that picks up electromagnetic signals across the entire EM spectrum.

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