Icuiti VR920 makes us wonder why Geordi was so melancholy


Winner of the 2007 CES innovations award, the Icuiti VR920 brings us one step closer to a Star Trek-esque world of designer technological eye wear. The headset creates the illusion of watching a 62-inch screen from 9 feet away, with a resolution of 640×480. And from the look on the womans face, the picture looks as cool as it sounds.

Seeing the VR920 raises a monumental question. Why was Geordi LaForge always so serious if he had this hot gadget over his eyes constantly? Their’s probably more to the story then we are privy to (we happen to be Star Wars guys), but if we had access to something similar to this, we’d have an expression closer to the womans. The VR920 is not yet available, but will likely be awesome. — Andrew Dobrow

VR920 [Icuiti, via Joystiq]

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  1. According to Star Trek, and confirmed by wikipedia, Geordi’s visor’s neural interface caused chronic pain, but the alternative was not seeing as well. I’m looking forward to getting the VR920, as it adds head tracking to the already tempting 640×480 binocular display (and doesn’t cause chronic pain).

  2. flying porno midget

    finally we get up to VGA resolution! there’s hope for the video glasses yet.

    can we has XGA by 2010?

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