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$29 for a New Hymen: Welcome to Revirginity

What if I told you ladies that for less than $30 you could return to the days of virginity. I know, I know, you haven’t had our hymen since that vag-to-bike-seat incident on your 11th birthday, so it all seems very new, but never fear, it apparently only takes 20 minutes to reinstall your virginity. A few politicians in Egypt ...

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A Sensor That Mimicks The Human Eye

We’ve seen artificial corneas that could replace damaged organic corneas, but how about a digital image sensor that adjusts itself like a human retina? That’s exactly what John Rogers at the University of Illinois is creating. An improved method of transferring silicon sensors onto a curved surface allowing for the sensor to capture wide-angle views with low distortion. Because it ...

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Artificial Cornea Won’t Make You Geordi LaForge

I bet you’re wondering why Geordi LaForge was always so glum. If you’ve ever gotten a scratch on your cornea, you’d know how painful it can be. Thankfully, researchers at Stanford University have developed a new artificial cornea. I’m not talking about eyeball lamps either, these are real corneas for real eyeballs. Animal studies incorporating the cornea are showing promise, ...

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