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Expand Your Social Network With Poken

These adorable little devices called Poken are used to exchange social networking info among new found friends who have their own Poken. No one cares to jot down email addresses, user IDs and screen names when they’re in a rush. So, the Poken have been created as a quick way to exchange such information in a matter of seconds. All ...

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Lost Your Cellphone? Backup Pal To The Rescue

If I had a dollar for each time one of my friends lost their cellphone in a drunken stupor, I’d be able to quit blogging and retire in Cabo. Lucky for my compadres, there’s a new device that will back up your mobile phone contacts with the touch of a button. Backup Pal hooks up to your cellphone via USB ...

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Swarovski Contact Lenses Scream Classiness

A new technology has emerged that’s bound to change the way we view trashy women forever. Designed for only the most aristocratic tramps around, the Swarovski contact lens is the most absurd invention of the 21st Century. Imagine a pair of contact lenses with tacky Swarovski crystals embedded in them. Seems like an invention right out of Long Island, right? ...

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