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Say Goodbye to Glasses and Contacts: Gene-Altering Eye Drops Could Replace Lenses

Short-sightedness is on the rise across the developed world. With a generation of kids spending their days indoors and a constant stream of urbanization, our eyes are becoming more and more susceptible to short-sightedness because of the lack of glances into the distance. Science might have an answer which can soon solve some viewing woes for good. Scientists have linked ...

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Swarovski Contact Lenses Scream Classiness

A new technology has emerged that’s bound to change the way we view trashy women forever. Designed for only the most aristocratic tramps around, the Swarovski contact lens is the most absurd invention of the 21st Century. Imagine a pair of contact lenses with tacky Swarovski crystals embedded in them. Seems like an invention right out of Long Island, right? ...

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The Last HOPE: POV Spectactles

Found at the Last HOPE Conference, this is actually a spinning sphere that looks like Earth. It uses POV to create an imaginary spinning world. There’s also another POV device that interlaces two colors with each other.

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Gain super eye power with Nintendo DS

After all those brain and IQ training games on DS, Nintendo thinks that the next thing to train would be our eyes! So they announced this all new Eye Power Training game in Japan that works your eyes in 5 ways: 1. Motion vision: the ability of picking up and seeing moving objects clearly 2. Powerful glances: the ability to ...

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