Michael Jackson Wanted to Create a Robot Clone

When we claimed that Michael Jackson might just be a cyborg, we weren’t that far off. Apparently, MJ was planning to create his very own robotic doppelganger, even going as far as creating blueprints for the mechanical beast.

Detailed 3D scans were made of Jackson’s body before he died with the intention of creating an “eerily-lifelike robotic duplicate.” The late popstar’s robotic builder claims that he will sell the 1996 scans of MJ for anyone willing to shell out a million big ones. This story just keeps getting weirder and weirder.


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  1. ITS the face from his Music movie MOON WALKER where he turns into a robot stop spreading lies about the man and let him rest

  2. Image is unrelated Joseph, but thanks for the info.


    This mask was for his movie Moonwalker. Stop spreading lies.

  4. As I said before Felo8, the image is completely unrelated to the article. I’m well aware what the mask is for.

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