Michael Jackson and The Advancement of Cyborg Technology


Is the world ready for cyborgs? Apparently not, as witnessed yesterday by the “death” of pop singer Michael Jackson. I have a source that was very close to MJ and word on the street is that his death was actually a CPU failure. Apparently, the model engineer Quincy Jones implanted in the 1980s, the THRLR-116 was meant for only 10 years of full-time use. After all the plastic remodeling done to keep Michael from overheating his RAMDISK and CPU, the effort ended up being a failure as Michael collapsed at his home with “Black or White” sputtering from his prosthetic lips.

Instead of a burial, Jackson’s body will be taken to a government research lab in Palo Alto, CA where scientists will conduct what’s known as a “cyber autopsy” to determine how the CPU ultimately failed. It’s a sad day for the world of pop music and an even sadder day for the world of robotics.


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  1. Michael was a smooth guy no one else can be like Mike

  2. Michael Jackson may you rest in peace!!! You were indeed a great person and I thought of you as a person not a personality. I agree you were a great entertainer and probally will always be but, i knew for a fact you were a great father and a loyal person. For all the Michael Jacksons haters out their he was a gud guy!! You guys act as if you are perfect but your not and i bet yyou did things worst than he has!!! The only difference is that he is popular and that everyone is looking to critize him but may god bless his soul and i give my sympothy to his family and friends also fans!! Rember he isnt really gone he is here with us!!! We just have to carry him in our hearts and soul!!!RIP KING OF POP AKA MICHAEL JACKSON^*!!!

  3. man in the mirror

    i like this picture mainly because I have it printed on my t-shirts

  4. ih, michael jackson kereeeeeeeeeeeeen banget banyak orang yang snefens sama dia,,,, soalnya dia KING OF POP aku suka sekali dari masii kecil,,,^^

    salam kenal!!!

  5. hay! This name is Michael Jackson?

    I know from the past is still small I ngefens the same for you,,,

    from the first still small!

    why do you can be called KING OF POP?

  6. risma ayu angel Litta

    hallo, I like Michael Jackson with you because you are very cool and great.
    I impressed to see yourself …^^

    I Risma Ayu Angel Litta

  7. Emily Charlotte Gleason

    hello I am Emily Gleason I am 8 years old and I go to Milldown primary school.

    I am the most BIGGEST fan of MICHAEL JACKSON he is he BEST man in the hole wide world. he is the BEST singer as well I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON the best song bbbiiilllyyyjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjeeeeeaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!

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