Ultra-Realistic Michael Jackson Thriller Action Figure


Looking almost more like Michael Jackson than Michael Jackson looked like Michael Jackson, this ultra-realistic set of Thriller Action Figures features MJ in both his normal pre-surgical and pre-allegation days, with iconic red leather jacket, and also in his much-touted zombie form.

Thriller is probably my favorite music video of all-time. Having a Michael Jackson Thriller action figure to show off in my office with my other various toys would just add to my overall awesomeness.

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  1. how can i get this doll?

  2. would be nice and more appropriate if your removed
    normal pre-surgical and pre-allegation days,
    and put THRILLER Days _ that comment used is
    very disrespectful of Michael. Plus he had already
    had nis nose surgery at this time.

    Its a beautiful doll.. awesome

  3. i agree with the above. Thriller Days would have been a lot more respectful. please alter the text accordingly

  4. Wow!!! Tell me….where I can Buy this wonderfull doll? Where I can Find It?

  5. shaniqua taylor

    holy shiznit!!! i have that doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kept the box too

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