Too Soon? The Michael Jackson Pantone Color Guide


If you’ve ever attempted to design a set of chronological portraits of Michael Jackson, you know that keeping up with this ever-evolving color scheme was nearly impossible. The Michael Jackson Pantone Color Guide follows the various colors of MJ’s skin tones throughout the decades.

Sure, it might not be the classiest memorial ever, but you gotta take the good and the bad.


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  1. Michael had a skin disease, vitiligo, so although I think maybe you’re a fan, it seems disrespectful to get a laugh about his skin color, or lack of pigmentation. He was taunted about this in life, please leave it alone in death. All in love, l-o-v-e.

  2. This is tasteless and cruel, he had a disease. Not funny!

  3. I think if anyone doesn’t know by now that Michael had vitiligo. They can’t read.

  4. Tacky. Tasteless.

  5. thats just mean 🙁
    i love michael

  6. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO i like it lmao0o0
    its fuked up but funny

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