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A Pair of Geeky Michael Jackson Zombie Shirts

While surfing through the ole feed reader today I came upon not one, but two awesome MJ “Thriller”-themed shirts, both with a geeky flair. The above tee print is a mash-up of Michael Jackson Thriller-era and the game Left 4 Dead. A perfect mix if you ask me. Hit the jump for a lego-fied journey to the world of Thriller.

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Too Soon? The Michael Jackson Pantone Color Guide

If you’ve ever attempted to design a set of chronological portraits of Michael Jackson, you know that keeping up with this ever-evolving color scheme was nearly impossible. The Michael Jackson Pantone Color Guide follows the various colors of MJ’s skin tones throughout the decades. Sure, it might not be the classiest memorial ever, but you gotta take the good and ...

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Feature: Michael Jackson Moonwalked His Spot Into Tech Culture

As most of you have surely heard thousands of times by now, the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50 yesterday afternoon. While he’ll no doubt be remembered most for his musical career, legal troubles and bizarre facial reconstruction, MJ has his spot in geek culture as well. And rightfully so. Many MJ fans who ...

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