Feature: Michael Jackson Moonwalked His Spot Into Tech Culture


As most of you have surely heard thousands of times by now, the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50 yesterday afternoon. While he’ll no doubt be remembered most for his musical career, legal troubles and bizarre facial reconstruction, MJ has his spot in geek culture as well. And rightfully so.

Many MJ fans who also happened to be stricken with the geek bug grew up playing the Michael Jackson video game “Moonwalker.” In fact, frenzied geek fans ravaged Twitter yesterday, demanding that SEGA re-release the game. SEGA has tastefully declined… for now. Read more about Jacko’s gadget? innovation after the jump.

And Jacko didn’t? lack for gadget innovation either. His one white glove became a sort of wearable icon.


Unknown to many, MJ was also an inventor. This patent shows MJ’s shoe design which allowed him to perform the “Smooth Criminal” anti-gravitational lean, even on stage. The special shoe included a notched sole which attached to the ground, allowing to support the dancer’s weight.

Michael Jackson was a pop icon, no doubt. But his influence was almost immeasurable. From design to fashion and yes, even tech, you’ll see a trail which leads back to this man who some consider to have accomplished more than any human possibly could.

Was Jacko a cyborg or an alien? Doubtful. Possible, of course, but doubtful. It’s much more likely that Michael Jackson was a huge nerd in a tiny pop star’s body.

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  1. Interesting… I didn’t realize there was a game with MJ in it!

  2. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker is actually damned good, too. The objective is to rescue children. Go figure.

  3. I will surely miss Michael Jackson, he is really worthy of the name King of Pop and he is certainly one of the greatest musicians of all time…

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