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Pantone Capsure Identifies Any Color at Any Time

Not every designer has an eye for color tones, but there are a talented few that can distinguish between colors that are only a shade or two apart. For those who have a hard time identifying and remembering certain colors that you’ve seen in nature or just on the street, Pantone has developed their very own gadget called Capsure, a ...

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Pantone Colored Leather Chair

For people who just can’t decide on an interior color scheme. This Pantone Printed Leather Chair shows off Sif Technology’s ability to print color onto leather. Unfortunately, these chairs aren’t available for purchase. Come on, why is it always the coolest shit that never sees the light of day? High-production cost. Link

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Too Soon? The Michael Jackson Pantone Color Guide

If you’ve ever attempted to design a set of chronological portraits of Michael Jackson, you know that keeping up with this ever-evolving color scheme was nearly impossible. The Michael Jackson Pantone Color Guide follows the various colors of MJ’s skin tones throughout the decades. Sure, it might not be the classiest memorial ever, but you gotta take the good and ...

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Paper Mask Prototype Perfect For Hiding In Paint Sample Rack

Say you happen to be taking a tour of your nearest Pantone color matching facility, or say you really want to spy on what other paint colors people are choosing for their walls. How could you ever camouflage yourself with such a colorful background to disappear into? The Paper Mask Prototype features a colorful design, perfect for hiding in paint ...

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