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The expanding Kinectosphere

Kinect hacks are emerging at a rapid pace; it�s hard to recall a mass-market gadget so quickly adapted to new uses. As Bruce Sterling points out, �Microsoft accidentally invented a primo piece of art-installation hardware.� It's this kind of DIY innovation that keeps tech feral.

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Kinect: ready-to-hack gadgetry

The ease with which the Microsoft Kinect can be torn down�and the familiarity of the software driving it�has quickly proven a feature and not a bug for hackers. Hacking commercial gadgets is nothing new of course; but the pace at which hacks now appear, as well as the appeal they generate, is something to watch.

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3D Samus Sculpture Made Using Recycled Video Games

Perhaps the hottest heavily-armored digital chica in gaming history, Metroid’s Samus Aran has become known as a kick-ass pioneering female who needs the help of no man. The moment that Samus was revealed as a woman at the end of Metroid changed my life. And I’m clearly not the only one who was inspired by Samus’s robotically-coiffed tactics. Using 179 ...

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Samsung Unveils Prescription 3D Glasses

The geek life is an ironic state of affairs. Most of us, and I’m speaking from at least seconds of research, have some sort of vision problem. Studies show that hours of staring at the computer screen can cause serious vision impairments, which hasn’t exactly worked out for us up until now. Bad vision meant an impaired 3D experience. Not ...

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