Is 3-D TV A Passing Fad?

Despite 3-D TV being marketed as “the next big thing” in home entertainment, it hasn’t really seemed to catch on with consumers. Some people are starting to wonder if 3-D TV can survive long enough to catch the interest of the general public.

The main reasons why 3-D TV hasn’t caught on are obvious — the high price of required equipment, and the lack of good 3-D movies. Also, many people complain about having to wear glasses to enjoy a movie.

Wired has suggested that Hollywood is one of the big reasons why 3-D TV isn’t popular, due to the lack of content properly converted to display in 3-D.

In order to make 3-D TV more popular with consumers, it’s been suggested that the entertainment industry take a different approach. Cheaper 3-D TV’s, a better selection of movies, sports broadcasts in 3-D and more attractive eyewear would be a great place to start.


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  1. I have tried to shop for a 3-D TV several times. But the retailers make in almost impossible to even see one in action. The glasses are locked up and of course there are no sales people around to unlock them so you can get a demo. Since I can’t demo one to see what the technology is all about, I haven’t bought one.

  2. It’s going to take a while for 3D-TV to catch on I’m affraid. Consumers have only in the last 2-3 years gotten over the BOOM of flatscreen and plasma TV’s (my parent’s STILL have their kick-ass, big-ass SONY WEGA CRT).

    3D-TV will become standard in time but only if we don’t have to wear dorky glasses to watch EVERY show we watch (including those not necessarily taking advantage of 3D) and when the price comes down significantly. We will probably have to wait for more 3D movies to come out (give it 5 years I reckon) and we’ll see a rise.

    Technology advances too quickly and I don’t think the average salary (especially in THIS economy) can afford every new advance as it comes-along. I still haven’t upgraded the Desktop PC beyond the quad-core 1.8Ghz I purchased.. why? No need! MY laptop is kick-ass for games and the rest of the family just want to use the net.

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