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Readers Of ‘Dog Fancy’ And ‘Home And Garden’ Rejoice!

If you’ve been looking for that special something to pick up for Mom on Mothers Day, we present the chance to incorporate their love for canines, 3D wiring projects, and gardening. The Dog Breed Topiary frames from the Gardeners’ Supply Store allows you to purchase a three dimensional model of the breed of your choice to fill with sphagnum moss ...

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Transformer Phone Concept Molds To Accomplish Any Task

Thanks to an innovative design and well-thought form-factor, the Transformer concept phone by Shkinder Maxim can do much more than your average mobile device. The Transformer has the capability to act as a mobile phone, photo/video camera, multimedia player, projector, and is even working on support for holographic imaging and 3D scanning. Featuring 2 independent swiveling and flipping displays, the ...

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Neurok Optics iZ3D takes gaming away from the boring 2D monitor

Game developers and hardware manufacturers have been trying so hard all of these years to achieve a realistic 3D effect. They have constantly been improving the quality of the 3D images we see. But there is some inherent problem to all of this: we are viewing the content on a monitor, which is a 2D surface. Only a plane, a ...

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