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Michael Jackson Wanted to Create a Robot Clone

When we claimed that Michael Jackson might just be a cyborg, we weren’t that far off. Apparently, MJ was planning to create his very own robotic doppelganger, even going as far as creating blueprints for the mechanical beast. Detailed 3D scans were made of Jackson’s body before he died with the intention of creating an “eerily-lifelike robotic duplicate.” The late ...

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Doom On The Palm Pre

Well, not quite. It’s actually an open-source Doom clone called PRDoom. Some sneaky hacker got it working on his Palm Pre, as shown in the above video. Looks like a good way to kill a couple hours at the office on Friday… Link

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Toshiba sued for cloning Fujitsu’s phone

You know how China is a land of freedom in terms of copyright laws, with all those small brands copying Nokia phones and iPhones with the sole consequence of making (good) money. Now how about a big brand copying another big brand, this time being staged in the land of Japan? Jump for more drama.

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Fake LG KE970 Shine: same size, same weight, priced less than $100

LG was sending out warning letters to shops threatening to take legal actions should they sell/ display the Chinese clone of LG Shine, we never understood why they’re so uptight about it until we saw this today. We learned that the the clone is called Diamond KG70 Shine, and from what we see, it looks almost like the original. With ...

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Nokia sues shops, but not the N73 clone manufacturer

Pictured above is the infamous N73-clone, called Nokir E828, produced by a mainland Chinese company (NOKIR) next to the real Nokia N73 (on the right), it has been selling well enough to catch Nokia’s attention. However the company did not have enough evidence to go against the manufacturer and the copyright-protection laws are a bit tricky in mainland China, so ...

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